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Kempinski Hotel - Top Attractions in Vienna for Music Lovers

It’s well known that Vienna is a treasure chest for music attractions. Brimming with magnificent museums, dazzling concerts, and a history of illustrious composers whose life work runs through the entire city. For music lovers, there’s plenty to explore during your stay in the ‘City of Music’, Vienna.


Haus der Musik

Begin your voyage through Vienna’s rich musical heritage at the inimitable, Hause Der Musik. Along your journey through this interactive museum, you’ll discover Vienna’s finest crop of composers, from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to Franz Schubert – their talent all on display.

This is no ordinary museum you’re about to set foot in. There’s a plethora of multimedia presentations, innovative games, and state-of-the-art technology to immerse yourself in. A particular highlight is Namadeus, an installation based on Mozart’s KV.516f musical game, which generates a precomposed melody based on the letters of your name. Listening to your own name played in Mozart’s unmistakable style is simply fascinating.

As you continue to explore the museum, you’ll come across the Virtual Conductor game. This gives you the unique opportunity to conduct a video projection of the Vienna Philharmonic. Responding to every swish of your baton and keeping to your tempo, it’s great fun for the whole family.

Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

Another must-see attraction for music lovers is the Collection of Historic Musical Instruments. Home to some of the most stunning and valuable classical instruments from across the world, it’s packed with historical artefacts that span over four centuries, such as 16th century violins, 18th century harpsichords, and so much more. Come face-to-face with the instruments that shaped music as we know it, as well as the tools that many legendary figures of classical music used to compose their masterpieces – a haven for anyone interested in music.

Composer’s Houses

Pasqualati House - Ludwig von Beethoven’s house

A stone’s throw from the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien lies a real treat for classical music fans: the residence of Ludwig von Beethoven. Built in 1979, the ground-breaking composer lived in Pasqualati House for many years and it’s where he composed the opera Fidelio and the unmistakable Für Elise.

Trace Beethoven’s footsteps and surround yourself in the same location that Beethoven himself would have graced. Whilst you can’t physically enter his house, you can visit the Beethoven Museum nearby, which portrays a captivating image of the genius.

Mozarthaus Vienna - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s house

Nestled in the heart of Vienna is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s place of residence, better known by locals as Mozarthaus. Located in Domagasse, the acclaimed composer rented rooms here from 1784 to 1787 and penned his most popular compositions, including the opera The Marriage of Figaro.

The house is split into three floors; one floor’s dedicated to his life and Vienna, the next focuses on his music, and on the final floor you’ll find Mozart’s genuine former apartment. Mozarthaus paints a breathtaking portrait of the virtuosic composer, where you’ll gain a greater understanding of his life and the significance of Vienna in his work.


The Sala Terrena

Now you’ve absorbed everything you need to know about Vienna’s most esteemed composers, it’s time to sit back and enjoy their magnificent compositions first-hand, at The Sala Terrena. Listen live to a string quartet masterly performing some of history’s finest pieces of classical music, including Mozart and Schubert. Built in the second half of the 12th century, The Sala Terrena is one of the oldest concert halls in Vienna, and where the great Mozart performed himself.

As you sit there and become enchanted by the world’s most recognisable melodies, it’s hard to ignore the splendour that surrounds you. The Sala Terrena is a modest-sized room that’s engulfed in spectacular 16th century frescoes; behold the beautiful cherubs, roses, and fruit that cascade around the entire interior.

Schloss Laudon

For an authentic orchestral experience, be sure to visit the Schloss Laudon concert. Situated less than an hour away from central Vienna, the Schloss Laudon holds a remarkable five-day music concert. Each year independent artists and classical music enthusiasts alike, congregate to indulge in one of the most elegant concerts in Vienna.

Upon arrival, your attention focuses on the natural beauty that encompasses the Schloss Laudon - it’s astounding. The Schloss Laudon sits peacefully beside the lake, creating a serene atmosphere that’s idyllic for an evening of concerto. Within the castle, you’ll find exquisite classicist furnishings, painted mythological creatures, and the distinctive frescoes that have become a huge part of Vienna’s DNA.

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